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"It was a compliment,’ said Merry Brandybuck,’and so, of course, not true.” 
- J. R. R. Tokien, The Lord of the Rings

Needless to say, the comments below are only half the story. As an on­line journalist, I've been verbally abused in almost every way you can imagine. 

Here, though, I give a sampling of the kinder things people have said about my work.

1.  "Bruce Byfield writes calm, thoughtful, lengthy articles that somehow ignite mad passions and flamefests." - Carla Schroder on Twitter.

2. “It reminds me of the kind of writing by political scientists that we are still reading hundreds of  years later.” - ­ Tag Goulet, about “Free Software!” in private correspondence

3. "Kudos to Bruce for writing an article that is grounded in reality rather than the typical breathless and gushing stories of some insignificant prefecture's "adoption of Linux". “ - Anonymous Reader on "Brazil's FOSS Utopia image at risk"

4. "A great piece by Bruce Byfield, in which he peeks behind the mainstream media's traditional image of Brazilian free software." - Glyn Moody on "Brazil's FOSS Utopia at risk"

5. "The piece is a very accurate depiction of what went right and what went wrong at Progeny and the lessons we have learned over the years. - Ian Murdock on "The Reinvention of Progeny"

6. "For an excellent overview of the Open Source movement from the perspective of a knowledge worker, read Bruce Byfield's "Hitching With Clipboard and Pen Along The Open Road." - Barry Campbell

7. “Bruce Byfield has a brilliant analysis of the origins of, and problems with, prescriptivism called "Tech Writers, Grammar, and the Prescriptive Attitude." I urge anyone interested in the topic to read it” - Language Hat

8. "I would strongly recommend any articles by Bruce Byfield that interest you. If you have not read (RTFM), at least the following three articles, then you are not really using the resources that you have available ( "OOo Off the Wall: What New Users Need to Know About", " Off-the-Wall: Style Is Everything, Right?", "Eleven Tips for Moving to") - Lemon Aid

9. "Bravo, Bruce . . . you're already much more effective than that other Bruce. :) [Perens]. - Anonymous on "Canadian Census controvery continues."

10, " Nice writeup as usual, Mr. Byfield." - Anonymous on "Samba Project to provide Windows protocol access to all open source developers."

11.  "Real journalism! Unbiased and objective! Wow! how refreshing! I am neither a Republican nor a big Bush fan, but I am so tired of subjective, opinionated bias being passed off as "journalism". Kudos to and Bruce Byfield for giving us the real story surrounding this bill and its veto." - Anonymous on "Open Access Bill Vetoed."

12. "It's always a treat to read articles that aren't fluffed up because the
author is paid under the table by the convicted monopolist." - Shannon VanWagner, private email about "Linux Netbook Pioneer's Bizarre 'It's Better with Windows Campaign"

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